• We offer age appropriate toys to ensure your child is learning though play at each developmental stage.
  • Highly advantageous in terms of reducing plastic waste and helping with New Zealand’s green footprint.
  • Our huge selection of toys offer on-going variety for your children’s growing imagination.
  • We buy at least one new toy per week and we make sure they are looked after and replaced regularly.
  • An excellent way to interact with your child and understand their growth and progression.
  • Once a toy has been explored it doesn’t clutter your home but is returned and replaced by more playing fun.
  • A cool way to keep children entertained while teaching them about sharing, borrowing and reusing.
  • Be involved with a fun, not-for-profit community organisation that welcomes families Auckland wide.
  • Get 1,700 toys worth of fun and learning while only paying $110 per year for Duty Members!